Welcome to Stephen Hendricks, Signature Building &
Remodeling, LLC.!
As an experienced builder, design and style is not compromised with Stephen
Hendricks of Signature Building & Remodeling.  Featured in several leading
publications, Building Systems Magazine rated Stephen Hendricks as one of
the top builders in Westchester County. Signature Building & Remodeling not
only completes your job from start to finish but potentially helps you receive
"coffee table" conversation with not only a showpiece of a home but
recognition in a leading builder's publication!  
Supplier Relationships
Maybe you are in need of  an extra bathroom or planning to remodel your
kitchen; or maybe you want to add on a dining room or extra bedroom. We've
established relationships with
suppliers all over the country in order to serve
you the best.  We've done a lot of the research already so you can reduce
your headaches down to a minimum.
Our products are great for the environment
We've been in business for over 27 years
Visit our Showroom (by appointment only)

Stephen Hendricks'
work is featured in a
cover issue of Building
Systems Magazine.
Level of Integrity
I will tell you if the job can be done within your budget or within the time
restraints that you might be thinking.  Integrity is essential and a rare
commodity in the business of building homes.  

Tip: You may find a lower bid for your home project by another builder but it
may cost you a lot more money in the long run for situations that were not
mentioned or explained to you initially. Your job is done correctly and managed
professionally. You will always receive fair pricing with a clean, efficient quality
of service.
Signature Building & Remodeling, LLC.  1900 Central Park Avenue, Yonkers, NY 10710   
       T: 914-557-1740        F: 914-478-7145        
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